Kikuyu Frequently Asked Questions

Key roles  and  Ruracio process explained


  • Village elders(athuri)
  • Spokesman(muthamaki)


  • How is bride price valued?
  • What does dowry constitute of?
  • How marriage Ceremony occurs?

Village elders(athuri)

Who is a village elder?

  •  People who are valued in wisdom and hold positions of responsibility

Role of Villager elders?

  • Organize and facilitates dowry payment process and the wedding

Qualities of athuri

  • Pure in heart
  • Wise
  • A good role model
  • One who has endured hardship

Who makes a reputable village elders?

  • They should be of the same age group as the father of groom/bride
  • Be member of Kiama of community
  • He should have married and had children


Who is a muthamaki?

  • He is a go between and the spokesman for the grooms family

What is matchmakes role?

  • He is responsible for solving any problems or easing tension during bride negotiations

Who can take the role of muthamaki?

  • It can be the groom’s uncles
  • Can be from immediate or extended family
  • A respected member of the community
  • Male friend

Qualities of muthamaki

  • Good temperament
  • Good communication skills
  • Mature and dependable

How is bride price valued?

  • Things have changed such that it is determined by several of these factors:
  • How much education the girl has received
  • If she has a career
  • Social Class

What does dowry constitute of?

Athuri(items for men)

  • Gioma(fattened ram)
  • Thenge(he goat)
  • Ng’ondu(Sheep)
  • Kaburi
  • Blankets
  • Mori(heifer)
  • Mburi cia mirongo(goats-these are counted in tens)
  • Njohi ya uuki(beer made from honey)
  • Itangi ria mai(water tank)

Athuri(items for women)

  • Nyungu(pot)
  • Ciihuri(calabashes)
  • Mukwa(new rope)
  • Nguo cia atumia(women wear)
  • Njohi cia atumia(beer for women-now soda)
  • Ushuru wa mukio(fermented porridge)

How does the marriage ceremony occur?

  • The whole community usually gets involved
  • Women team up and organize the menu and they contribute the food.
  • Young men and women team up and raise funds for thee wedding.
  • Young men arrange for transportation and refreshments.
  • The girl’s family is usually responsible for girl’s dress and the young children who will be in the wedding party.